The Wetland Stewardship Partnership (WSP) is a group of government and non-government organizations dedicated to the conservation of wetlands and other sensitive ecosystems.  Through annual meetings, we are working together to ensure that the functions and values of BC wetlands are appreciated, conserved, restored, and managed.

Largely guided by the Wetlands Action Plan, which outlines specific objectives, actions, and current conservation initiatives,  the partners work collaboratively to maintain, restore and protect wetland ecosystems throughout BC. The WSP takes an overarching approach, looking at all aspects of wetland protection on a province-wide scale.

The WSP vision is to work together in an effort to ensure that British Columbia is a province where the functions and values of wetlands and the larger watersheds of which they are a part are appreciated, conserved, restored and appropriately managed for present and future generations.

Current Priorities:

  1. Mitigation
  2. Engagement
  3. Mapping 

Resources produced by the WSP include:

Wetlands Action Plan of BC

Wetland Ways: Interim Guidelines for Wetland Protection and Conservation in BC

The Green Bylaws Toolkit for Conserving Sensitive Ecosystems and Green Infrastructure

Wetlands in BC: A Primer for Local Government

Grasslands in BC: A Primer for Local Government